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THE MILA Managed Health Care Trust Fund Trustees
ILA Trustees
Benny Holland, Jr.
Michael Vigneron
Alan Robb
James Campbell
James H. Paylor, Jr.
Kenneth Riley
Willie Seymore
David Cicalese
Bernard O’Donnell
Management Trustees
David F. Adam
Anissa Frucci
Shareen Larmond
Roger J. Giesinger
James R. Gray, Jr.
John J. Nardi
Michael P. Angelos
Patrick Dolan
Charles Maravolo
LaVerne A. Thompson - Executive Director/HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer
MILA Managed Health Care Trust Fund 111 Broadway, Suite 502
New York, NY 10006-1901
Telephone: 212-766-5700
Fax: 212-766-0844/0845